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OEM Services

1. Place an order for the product you want to customize, and specify the specific model of the product you want to customize;
2. Click "Contact Us" on the website, and send us HD pictures with a length and width of not less than 2500 pixels;
3. If necessary, please note the key points in email that you would like to highlight on the skin;
4. We will send the designed skins to you by email for confirmation in about 3 working days;
5. After receiving your confirmation email, we will send out the skins in about 4 working days.

1. Since this is a customized project, it will not be accepted for modification after receiving buyer's email confirmation;
2. It'll take a little bit more time to customize the project than normal skins, so we hope you could be patient;
3. We are not responsible for quality problems caused by the clarity of pictures provided by buyers;
3. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email.